Fine artist based in London and student on BA Fine Art at Goldsmiths
The main purpose of this blog is to serve as a platform for showing both inspiration behind work and outcomes

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winooze asked: Hi, i'm currently choosing which university to study Fine Art at, and Goldsmiths is one of my options. I was wondering what you thought the best and worst things about studying there is? What do you think of the course? Also was there anything that you didn't expect? Thanks! Really like your work, especially the experiments with sewing raw chicken!

Honestly, Goldsmiths really isn’t for the faint hearted. I personally like a challenge and have enjoyed my time here so far (just finishing up 2nd year), but you have to be prepared to be treated like an artist not a student whilst here. For many this is a huge shock to the system, seeing as many of us have become accustomed to being taught how to think, how to work etc

Best things:
-great workshops (everything from metal and wood to sewing, fabrication and printing…oh and great dark rooms)
-own studio space (known to be bigger than other unis) and mixed between years. Great for getting to know other students, exhibitions etc and mixing with everyone. Also open 8am-10pm!
-art talks (Elizabeth price was here autumn term) and SOME tutors
-theory lectures and seminars really broaden learning experience and applies to practical element of course too!
-one on one meetings with practicing artists from outside the uni

BAD things
-very independent as a whole. If you don’t push yourself to work, you only have yourself to blame and there will be repercussions from ones actions
-independent in terms of mixing with students. If you’re shy, this maybe isn’t for you
-convenors/crits. I actually enjoy them, but I know people that actually detest them. You have two chances to formally show work in uni each year (once in autumn once in spring) and my god people can get seriously catty and bullshitty!
-lack of structure. Dawdles along and then BOOM gotta start thinking about degree show and dissertation

I guess I could go on and on so if you wanna discuss by email that’s fine?

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Devin Troy Strother

A Black John Baldessari in, “Nigga This is Art” part 1, 2012, acrylic and paper on panel, 8 x 10 inches

A Black Joseph Beuys in, “Nigga in a gallery with a coyote,” 2012, acrylic, fabric and cut paper on canvas, 12 x 17 inches

A Black Chris Burden in, “Shoot me in the arm nigga,” 2012, acrylic and paper on canvas, 8 x 10 inches

A Black Marina Abramovic in “I’m gonna fuckin’ shoot you with this arrow”, 2012, Acrylic, gouache and paper collage on panel, 10 x 8 inches

I apologise for the lack of posting recently. I’ve either been cooped up at university surviving on cigarettes and black coffee (romantic I know, but I’m not joking), at work or collecting and editing images for my new personal website (URL to be confirmed). I hope to share it with you guys soon!

beauty details backstage at gareth pugh fw14
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Coryceps fungus consuming a tarantula